Help Center: What types of information are available to a user to learn more about suicide?
Guidelines: What basic organizational standards dictate how we will respond to suicidal users and reports?
Develop an expert-approved set of resources on mental health issues for safety teams
Partnerships: With whom can we establish relationships to consult on suicide prevention?
Informal (non-contracted) partnerships
Formal (contracted) partnership with national crisis services
Formal (contracted) partnerships with content-related experts
Contextual Messaging: How can we set up automatic pre-programmed system responses to reports of suicidal content?
Establish tags (i.e., searchable, indexable or clickable words within a website)
Enhance searchability (i.e., The ability to search for content using keywords or find pieces of content via a directory)
Education: How can we make our staff more knowledgeable about suicide?
Provide basic information on mental health and suicide
Provide links to local services
Provide links to national services
Provide training by mental health experts to staff on recognizing and responding to mental health issues
Distribute and develop material to staff on recognizing and responding to mental health issues
Timely Response: How quickly will we respond to user reports?
Response within 24 hours
Response within 12 hours (i.e., same day)
Immediate/real-time response
Outreach: How can our organization educate others and serve as a model for best practices in social media suicide prevention?
Deliver corporate suicide prevention messaging to entire company
Deliver corporate suicide prevention messaging to other companies
Create a new platform for suicide prevention messaging
Cultural Competency: How can we ensure that our information about suicide and/or means of reporting are sensitive to individuals of different racial and socio-economic backgrounds?
Use language approved by mental health professionals when communicating with affected individuals
Design efficient user interface that recognizes the challenges of individuals either impacted by mental health issues or suicidal thoughts in a culturally sensitive manner.